Baby Care

About Our Baby Care Products

We are the only company in Poland that has a greater quantity of diapers, pull-ups or baby trousers for infants, adult diapers, sanitary pads, and baby wipes than any other company.

We provide a wide selection of baby products, including diapers, trousers or pull-ups, baby wipes, and sanitary pads of the highest possible quality.

Our products, which are of Grade A quality, include diapers, pull-ups, and trousers for infants that are specifically manufactured for the Polish market. They are of the greatest quality and will ensure that you have an advantage over other businesses in your industry.

Our products for infants, which are classified as Grade B, comprise diapers, trousers, and sanitary pads of superior quality. When it comes to your market in Poland, they are fantastic, and they will assist you in reaching a large number of individuals at a reasonable cost.

We can transport anything from one ton to a complete forty-foot high-volume container of high-quality diapers, pull-ups, trousers, and sanitary pads for infants, depending on your requirements and the amount of money you have available.

We are the ideal company for you if you are a Polish company that imports, distributes, wholesales, or sells baby diapers, pull-up pants, or sanitary pads because we only offer high-quality products. If you are operating a business in Poland, we are the greatest company for you.

Some of the cities in Poland that we ship to include Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Katowice, and many more. We supply high-quality sanitary pads, baby pull-up pants, diapers, and adult diapers from the greatest manufacturers in the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for any and all of your cleaning product requirements; we are here to assist you around the clock, seven days a week.

Top Quality Baby Diapers

Tropic Impex High-quality baby diapers lock away wetness, ensuring maximum protection. Super soft on baby's skin for a comfort feeling. Designed with larger, refasten able tabs for a secure and snug fit. We are taking orders for LCL or full 40'HQ. We ship all over the world.

Baby Pull-up Diapers or Baby Diaper Pants

We ship best quality baby pants diapers to customers around the world. The baby pants diapers are top quality. The baby pants diapers are designed to make the babies incredibly comfortable and relaxed.

Bulk Bales Baby Diapers Export

Tropic Impex is the biggest supplier of bulk baby diapers in bales. Our bulk bales diapers include normal baby diapers, baby pants or baby pull-up diapers, and adult diapers. Our bulk bales diapers have 80 to 85% quality assurance guaranteed. We are taking orders for full container loads. We are shipping to many parts of the world.

Baby Wipes

Tropic Impex is the biggest supplier of  baby Wipes in bales. Our bales wipes have 80 to 85% quality assurance guaranteed. We are taking orders for full container loads. We are shipping to many parts of the world.