baby diapers wholesale,diaper factory,baby diapers cheap bulk

baby diapers wholesale,diaper factory,baby diapers cheap bulk

Type: Diapers/Nappies
Brand: OEM baby diaper
Material: Nonwoven
Anti-leak: 3D leak prevention Channel
Backsheet: PE film
Tape: PP tape

Item No. Description      Size             Length*Width  Pcs Bags
Baby diaper Super soft Surface,

Tisse Paper wrap fluff pulp and SAP,

3D leak guard,


magic tape or  pp tape

Cloth like breathable film  or  P
2)The back sheet is clothlike film ,which is soft and breathable

3)Soft leg cuffs circle around baby’s leg E film

S(3-6kgs) 390*280 70 4
M(5-10kgs) 440*320 60 4
L(9-13kgs) 490*320 50 4
XL(12 kgs-15kgs) 530*320 40 4


1)The topsheet consists of wood pulp and super absorbent polymer, which are conducive to not only absorb fluid quickly , but also comfort to baby’s sensitive skin
and prevent side leakage and rewet.

4)U stereo cut is a humanization design , perfectly snug to baby’s body.

5)New cute cartoon pattern, let your baby is playful surround at any time.

6)Adhesive tape will be pasted stickly and prevent become loosen.

7)Raw material which include imported USA wood pulp and good absorption Japanese SAP.