Cotton Anion Women sanitary pads

Cotton Anion Women sanitary pads

Color White,Blue
Layer Disposable
Size 290mm
Item No : S20221027
MOQ : 40HQ container
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Product Type Disposable cotton surface sanitary napkins
Size 18pcs 290mm+5pcs 290mm+10pcs tissue.


Absorption 80ml
Material details Sumitomo Japan SAP; Georgia Pacific USA Pulp; Super-absorbent Core; Green ADL; Fast absorption core
Quality Guarantee Period 3 years


Product Features

Mix 240mm sanitary napkins, and 280mm sanitary napkins. Mix type packing sanitary napkins are useful for heavy flow and light flow, helpful for day use and night use.


This disposable cotton topsheet sanitary napkins, with fast absorption care, keep your skin dry and comfortable.


And the clos-fitting product design is useful to make it fit with body. No leakage, keep clean.