Disposable OEM Baby Diapers Jumbo Packing Wholesale Price

Disposable OEM Baby Diapers Jumbo Packing Wholesale Price

Item No : BD0004
Payment : FOB Price, TT Payment
Product Type Disposable Baby Diaper Jumbo Packing
Size S/M/L
Package S:105pcs/bag M:94pcs/bag L:83pcs/bag,2bags/pkt
Absorption 500/600/700ml
Material details Sumitomo Japan SAP; Georgia Pacific USA Pulp; Super-absorbent Core; Clothlike backsheet; Organic Cotton Cover; Full elastic waist band; S cut magic tape
Shelf Life 3 years
Product Features
Super absorbent and water-locking whole core body, no lumps, no breakage, no reverse osmosis, strong absorption, super dry. This soft breathable baby diaper is high quality and high absorption, which can be used as absorbent overnight baby nappy too.


Unique double three-dimensional protection, preventing side leakage, super soft elastic waist, personal care every day, perfect details.


Good softness, fast absorption, keep dry at all times.


Unihope Clothlike backsheet and soft hydrophilic surface is breathable and comfortable, keep the skin dry and fresh.


S cut magic tape with printing front tape, which is helpful for adjust and fix the diaper in the right place. Absorption core is made by imported pulp and SAP, which brings excellent absorption performance. Pearl pattern topsheet is super soft and comfortable.