Disposable Super Absorbency Underpad and Absorbent Medical

Disposable Super Absorbency Underpad and Absorbent Medical

Item No : A2022081602
MOQ : 40HQ container
Payment : FOB Price, TT Payment
Product Type Disposable Audlt Pads
Size 80*90cm
Package 10PCS/BAG, 10BAGS/PKG
Absorption 800/900/1000ml
Material details Imported US pulp, SAP, breathable PE film backsheet, cotton top sheet
Shelf Life 3 years
Product Features


Applicable people for: people with moderate to severe incontinence, menstrual women, long-term bedridden and people with limited mobility (universal).

The cloud soft surface layer is not only soft, but also a high-quality non-woven surface layer full of air, which reduces friction and feels softer and more skin-friendly.


What is SAP (Super Absorbent Resin)? It is a new type of functional polymer material. It has a high absorption function of absorbing water hundreds to thousands of times heavier than itself, and has good water retention. Once it absorbs water and swells into a hydrogel, it is difficult to separate the water even if it is pressurized.