Label custom ladies feminine comfortable sanitary pads

Label custom ladies feminine comfortable sanitary pads

Color White
Layer Disposable
Size 155mm
Item No : S2022083001
MOQ : 40HQ container
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Product Type Disposable Mini Panty Liners
Size 156mm
Package 25pcs/bag, 48bags/pkg
Top Sheet Cotton topsheet
Material details Super soft cotton topsheet fabric, US pulp, breathable PE film backsheet
Quality Guarantee Period 3 years
Product Features

Mini size sanitary pads disposables, the length is 156mm, which is very helpful for small flow, ususlly used when the period is about to end, keep clean and health.


Disposable panty liners are useful for period care. Soft cotton surface layer, does not rub the skin, ultra-thin mini pads, breathable and light, avoid stuffy. The adhesive-backed design, without wings, is also very strong.


ISO certificate, safe care, healthy life.