New package baby non toxic disposable diapers in bulk

New package baby non toxic disposable diapers in bulk

Item No :BD0002
Payment :FOB Price, TT Payment
Product Type Disposable breathable baby nappy
Size S/M/L/XL
Package S:15pcs/bag M:12pcs/bag L:10pcs/bag,20bags/pkg
Absorption 400/500/600/700ml
Material details Sumitomo Japan SAP; Georgia Pacific USA Pulp; Super-absorbent Core; Dry Weave Perforated Film / Organic Cotton Cover; Quick-Easy Wrapping with Sticker; PE backsheet
Quality Guarantee Period 3 years
Product Features
This is PE type backsheet baby diaper. Breathable baby diapers and fast absorption baby diaper, keep skin dry, and prevent diaper rash. It’s important to keep skin dry. and clean, to avoid diaper rash.


If you find that baby gets diaper rash. First, you should keep baby skin clean and dry, change his diaper frequently. Remember to wash the diaper area when you change a new one. What’s more, please don’t use the wipes which container alcohol.


Second, when diaper rash doesn’t get better after the first step, it’s time to see doctor.


At last, when the weather is warm and your child can play outside, leave his diaper (and ointment) off for as long as possible every day. Exposure to the air will speed healing.