Wholesale Price Disposable Sanitary Pads Combination Pack

Wholesale Price Disposable Sanitary Pads Combination Pack

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Product Type Zipper bag sanitary napkins
Size 290mm
Package 18+7+5pcs/bag, 24bags/pkt
Top Sheet Cotton Top Sheet
Absorption 80ml
Shelf Life 3 years
Product Features

New packaging, the Zipper bag is reuseable. Mix ultra-thin type sanitary napkins, and Maxi-thick type sanitary napkins, and add 5pcs of mini panty liners. The combination packaging type sanitary napkins are suitable for period.


The absorption performance of both ultra-thin type and maxi-thick type is 80ml, and the length is 290mm, which is suitable for night use and heavy flow. The mini panty liners are helpful to keep clean at the end of the period.


Cotton top sheet makes it more comfortable. Soft and comfortbale sanitary napkins, offer better experience.