2 Wheel Drive Tiller

2 Wheel Drive Tiller

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For all the models, the following implements are optional.
1. weeding wheel:
2. three groups of rotary tiller:
3. four groups of rotary tiller:
4. 350-6 pneumatic tires:
5. 350-6 solid tires:
6. 33 diameter iron wheels:
7. three groups of deep plowing hoe knife:
8. four groups of deep plowing hoe knife:
9. big rollover plow:
10. small rollover plow:
11. tow row fertilizing machine:
12. three row sowing and fertilizing machine:
13. corn precision seeder:
14. fillback:
15. widened fillback:
16. ridger:
17. hoe:
18. Two drive small furrow plow:
19. Adjustable furrow plow with wheels:
20. Laminator:
21. four groups of anti-tangle knives:

22. paddy field wheel:

23. crawing board for the paddy field:

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