Mini Wheeled Tractor (A)

Mini Wheeled Tractor (A)

Size: 218x105x105cm
Engine: Changtong
Cooling method: water cooling
Starting method: electric
Front tire: 650-8
Rear tire: 700-10
Oil tank: 4.5L-6L
Weight: 470kgs-500kgs
Rotary tillage width: 110cm
Ratary tillage depth: 10-30 cm ( it can be adjusted)
Ditching depth: 25-30cm
Ditching depth: 15-30cm ( it can be adjusted)
The standard equipments are listed as following:
Four pneumatic tires + rotary tiller + ditching knife + weeding wheel + backfill
Please select one of the engines as following.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This is 4×2 price. If you need 4×4, the price will increase by 
The implements are optional.
1. 1.3m rotary tillage :
2. 1.5m rotary tillage:
3. Rotary tillage box+soil retaining board :
4. Reverse ditching box:
5. Single ditching box:
6. 1.1m rotary tillage kinfe:
7. 70cm Returning grass to field:
8. 80cm Returning grass to field:
9. Strawberry ridger:
10. Big turning plow:
11. Single plow:
12. Double plow:
13. 48 iron wheel of the paddy field:
14. 68 narrow iron wheel of the paddy field:
15. 68 iron wheel of the paddy field (40cm wide):
16. Trailer :
17. Corn precision sower of double row:
18. Corn precision sower of single row:
19. Hydraulic double plow:
20. Dozer shovel:
21. Three row plow at the rear of the rotary tillage:
22. Ridger:
23. Ditching, fertilizing and backfilling all-in-one machine:
24. Grape vine burying machine:
25. 1.2m laminating device including sprayer:
26. 1.2m laminating device that can be added the soil automatically including sprayer:
27. Peanut planting and mulching all-in-one machine:
28. Four-row wheat seeder:
29. Four-row fertilization and wheater seeder :

The row can be added up to 8 rows. The
price will be increased by  per row. The wheat baskets can be used to sow wheat, corn
and soybean.
30. 1.1m knife of rotary tillage:
31. Backfill:
32. Weeding wheel:
33. Ditching knife: