Hot sale disposable anion sanitary pads cotton period pads for women lady sanitary

Hot sale disposable anion sanitary pads cotton period pads for women lady sanitary

Color White
Layer Disposable
Size 240mm
Item No : S20220826
MOQ : 40HQ container
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Product Type Disposable cotton surface sanitary napkins
Size 10pcs 240mm


Absorption 80ml
Material details Sumitomo Japan SAP; Georgia Pacific USA Pulp; Super-absorbent Core; Green ADL; Fast absorption core
Quality Guarantee Period 3 years
Product Features

Mix 240mm sanitary napkins, and 280mm sanitary napkins. Mix type packing sanitary napkins are useful for heavy flow and light flow, helpful for day use and night use.


This disposable cotton topsheet sanitary napkins, with fast absorption care, keep your skin dry and comfortable.


And the clos-fitting product design is useful to make it fit with body. No leakage, keep clean.

1st layer: Cotton smooth non-woven (better absorbency which give ultra comfort. )

2nd layer: Woven cloth anion chip (which contains 6100 anion per cubic cm. It works naturally to relieve menstrual discomforts)

3rd layer: Air-laid paper (360 degree tightly wrapped, not easy causes napkins deformities. )

4th layer: Super absorbent polymer (effectively blocks the water more than ten times, keep dry)

5th layer: Professional diversion layer(can accelerate the liquid to proliferate rapidly, is helpful to flicker attracts, prevents the side to leak)

6th layer: Air-laid paper(enhance freshness, provides maximum absorbency per sanitary pad)

7th layer: PE breathable leak-proof bottom layer(allows the air to be absorbed in for ventilation)

8th layer: Adhesive glue release paper(specially designed back adhesive which conforms to human ergonomics)